Aston Reef Consultant Engineers  

Mechanical Electrical Design and Low Carbon Energy Consultants working in Devon & Cornwall
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Energy Management;

With the introduction of the Government's Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and the increased cost of utilities, energy is now high on the agenda of any building user. We will provide a central bureau that can manage your energy use and work with you to try and reduce your consumption. Savings from 0.5% to 20% can be identified through effective monitoring and targeting

Utility management

We can provide a service that will collate the billed data and the meter readings data, ensure that the estimates are removed on a regular basis, and provide monthly energy consumption reports and an annual energy review. We can also provide energy surveys. Identifying billing errors can save 3% of your total energy costs. Using our expertise can free up resources within an organisation allowing staff to concentrate on implementing energy saving measures.

Display Energy Certificates

All Government buildings that are regularly visited by the public and are over 1000m², have to display an energy certificate. The first year includes a DEC and an advisory report. The certificate is valid for a year and the report is valid for seven years. The size of the area requiring a certificate will be reduced to 500m² by 2013. If we are managing your data we will also be able to provide this service.

Air Conditioning Survey

Any AC system that is 12kw or over requires an inspection every 5 years and we could provide this if required.